My Biofresh Skincare Journey 

This has been a highly requested blog post since I first chatted about my skin on Facebook a few weeks ago. And really, to begin talking about how amazing my journey with biofresh products has been thus far, I must first look back to acumax…….Now, what can I say? 

  • Firstly, I’m disappointed with myself to have followed so blindly the opinion of others.  I fell hook, line and sinker for the acumax craze. 
  • Acumax is EXPENSIVE and took a few months to kick in (for me anyway) 
  • Then I had a dream period where my skin was amazing for a month or so. 
  • One really busy week, I realised I had ran out of acumax, I normally had another packet ready to start as the previous one ended.
  • That week was frightening, my skin completely turned on me, every time I passed a mirror, I had a new spot, some were boils, and some were in places I never before had spots.
  • I bought two more packs of acumax but my skin never fully recovered and spots broke through even though I was taking 3/4 tablets a day.

So I put a post up on Facebook looking for advice and that’s where Catherine from Biofresh came in. She is so, so lovely, and could not have been more helpful. Myself and Catherine chatted over and back, and I sent her some pictures of my skin.

Before (when I was taking Acumax) and After (using Biofresh natural products)

Catherine recommended a new skincare routine that brought me completely back to basics! A few days later, I received the most generous package from her. I haven’t looked back since. 

My new Biofresh Skincare routine; 

Spray a cotton pad with rose water which is a natural antiseptic so to speak and squirt some cleansing milk on too. This cleans your face and your eye makeup too.

You’ve all heard of the famous Acne Out and this truly is a wonder product. Put a few drops on a cotton pad and use on any areas where breakouts have occurred. For me, the worst area was my chin. 

Finish with probiotic cream.

In the morning, I freshen my skin with the rose water and use the mosteriser again. Then it’s onto the Ballapierre mineral makeup. 

This is the cherry on top for me, the Bellapierre mineral makeup is the only 100% natural mineral makeup on the market! It’s a multi tasking product and gives you concealer, spf, foundation and setting powder all in one. I’m really loving this, it has great staying powder and feels light on my skin. I’m into more of a natural makeup look. Catherine reminded me to use a clean brush when I started using the Bellapierre and my skin has started to come back to normal again. 

Having bad skin can really affect you and your confidence so I’m extremely grateful to Catherine for getting mine back on track. I highly recommend calling into the girls if you’re living in Dublin or near Dublin. If not, send Catherine a picture as I did on their Facebook page and she will do her utmost to help you.

Otherwise, leave a comment below, and I’ll help you out in any way also.

Thanks for reading,

Fashionably yours,

L x



5 thoughts on “My Biofresh Skincare Journey 

  1. Your honesty is refreshing – great to get a genuine review- love the visuals – add to the authenticity of your post – will definitely give this brand a try


  2. Hi, can I ask if your acne was on your chin and how is your skin now? My acne is on my chin and around the sides of my mouth. I have only had this since my mid twenties, and I have tried everything and spent alot of money, nothing has made a long term difference. I have read alot about Acne out but I just want to target my chin as the rest of my face is fine. I found your experience really relatable. Thanks Cat


    1. Hey Cat, sorry for late reply, I was on holiday for a few weeks. My skin is so good right now and I didn’t even bring acne out with me for the 5 weeks, I did get one or two spots on my chin but my skincare routine is so good now with the biofresh, I was able to naturally cope with them. If you do get the acne out, and I do recommend it highly, maybe apply it with a cotton bud as if can be drying to your skin not affected with spots or acne. Hope this helps x


    2. Hey Cat, sorry I’m only seeing this now. My acne was on my chin mostly and now it’s very rarely I get a spot. I’m so happy with my skincare and haven’t looked back since. I hope you got sorted with yours x


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