Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What to gift the woman who has everything? That’s the million dollar question. Well here are some ideas for all the young and older yummy mummies out there. 


Pink blanket scarf Ideal wardrobe transition piece. More colours and styles available 

Leopard print loafers


I may want this bracelet for myself 

My favourite Jo Malone scent 

Clutterbox currently on sale You can read about my clutterbox experience here


Personalised cups

Adorable first Mother’s Day cup  

If you’re feeling very generous, why not treat yourself and your mom to a spa weekend at my favourite hotel in Limerick, No1 Pery Square. Keep and eye out for special offers, believe me it’s worth it. Their spa is just divine

LOVE Foxford throws
Hope you’ve gotten some inspiration for your mom or any mom you know. 

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Fashionably yours, 

L x 




While some may see the beauty and benefit of leaving their makeup strewn around like this, to me it’s just a pile waiting to be organised and tidied away.

However, if you’re like me and forget half the impulse purchases you’ve made having watched Tara Makeup or Pippa O’ Connor’s Snapchat, then may I present the solution? HerClutterBox

The beauty of HerClutterBox is that you’re getting the best of both worlds, you can organise to your heart’s content AND still see everything you have! What’s not to love? 


‘At HerClutterBox we specialise in the design & manufacture of a high end acrylic make-up organiser called a ‘ClutterBox’. Our ‘ClutterBoxes’ are manufactured using high grade durable acrylic and are built to last.’ 

I’m a firm believer of buying the best you can afford be it with shoes, clothes or in this case, makeup storage. And as it says above, given that these clutterboxes are made using the best durable acrylic, they’re something that you will have forever. I bought one for my sister a few years ago and it is still going strong. So not only are you investing your money in something which looks great, but it’s practical too. 

Also the bottom drawer of the clutterbox is deeper than the rest, so you can actually store a ghd or hair accessories in that space. 

HerClutterBox HQ are based in Dublin and deliver worldwide. 

For more information, leave a comment below or contact the company at;

It’s my genuine opinion that this is an amazing present for yourself, your mom, your best friend or sister, and something that will be used forever.

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,

L x

Sports Luxe 

I for one, am glad to see that the sportluxe trend is around to stay. It’s so easy to throw on some denims and trainers if you’re not up to wearing ankle boots or heels. I get a lot of messages about runners so I thought I’d put all my favourites into an easy shop post here. Hope you enjoy.

These gazelles sold out recently after I linked them so if you like them go buy 

Hard to keep this colour but worth it. 


Something onto these pictured (image via Pinterest) 

Shop here

The old favourite I bought these in Selfridges last Christmas after my shopping spree lasted a bit longer than expected…..

Shop here 


Thought this pair were so chic 

I couldn’t leave out the New Balance

And this  cute pair
Happy shopping,

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