Beauty Gift Ideas 

Ive put these gift ideas together from products my friends and I love and repurchase all the time. Two or three of them are new purchses but I’ll give my honest opinion, as always. 

They will suit any female who’s beauty mad, your sister, best friend or even yourself! 

Nima brush set

I always heard bloggers singing the praises of this brush set and that, and the cynic in me would think they had been paid to promote them. Well I was sent this brush set by Irish company Nima and now I know you’re only as good as the brushes you use. These brushes are a big favourite of mine and definitely worth the hype. 

Another set I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised by has been this Bellamianta one which you can shop here

So far I’ve used the small white tube and luxury mitt-the mitt is divine and well worth buying even if you don’t purchase the tan. I’m not a massive tan person as I HATE the smell of it but this, in my opinion has absolutely NO smell! It also gives a really HD flawless finish. 

I haven’t bought this but who doesn’t love an elegant makeup bag? Shop this here

This is my second favourite primer which I use in conjunction with another (I’ll list it below) It is expensive but lasts for ages. I only use it at the weekend, shop here Also it gives radiance without looking shiny.


My number one primer, sometimes when I use this, it evens and brightens my skin so much that I don’t even wear foundation. It is my Holy Grail product and I swear by it. Shop here 

The ultimate setting powder in my humble opinion. It’s lightweight and translucent so it doesn’t change the colour of your foundation. Shop here and keep an eye for 20% off. 

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and shared a swatch of it over on my Instagram account, I got at least twenty messages about it. Put some of this on your eyes, blend and you’re ready to go. It is the most gorgeous colour. Shop here

This recommendation came from one of my best friends. When I saw it on her, I had to have it. It’s a great day or night time blusher. Shop here

Last but not least is something I’ve been taking for the last three months, Accumax. My skin was always great during my teenage years and twenties. Since I’ve hit my thirties, I don’t know what has happened but skin accumax is slowly but surely getting my skin back to what it was. It is expensive but get 15% off when you subscribe here

And that’s my roundup,

Leave a comment or question below!

Happy shopping,

L x 


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