Spotlight on; Fee G 


‘Fee G is an independent Fashion House. Fashion designer Fiona Heaney and her partner Don Gormley created international womenswear label Fee G in 2003. Fee G has a loyal and growing customer each season.’

The Name; 

‘Fiona Heaney, also known as ‘Fee’ and partner Don Gormley ‘G’ combined their names and talents and formed the unique brand ‘Fee G’.’

Information on company and name from

I for one am definitely part of the loyal and growing customers of Fee G. My favourite boutique in Limerick, O’ Donnells stock their unique and elegant pieces every season and last year I bought a skirt and top for a wedding from them.

Everyone admired it. And I now wear both skirt and top separately to create different looks. Think cost per wear and all that jazz! 

Followers of my Facebook Page, Womenwhowearblack and Instagram, Womenwhowearblack_blog will have seen me wearing this outfit above last October and O’Donnells boutique kindly featured me on their social media accounts! 

Back to 2016, with three wedding invites already for this year, the shopping has well and truly begun and here is some of what can be expected from this Occasion wear Power House! 





So many looks to choose from, what are your favourite pieces? You can shop Fee G at O’Donnell’s Boutique Limerick, both instore and online here.

Alternatively you can find your local stockist using this handy locator from Fee G’s website here

Happy shopping, 

Fashionably yours,



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