Spotlight on; Millie Mackintosh Collection 

‘Fashion is instant language’  Miuccia Prada

It’s no secret here on my blog or Facebook and Instagram that I have a major girl crush on Millie Mackintosh.

My better half got me her new book ‘Made’ last week and quite simply my Friday night was made. A glass of Pinot in one hand and the book in the other. I love it. You can order it here. (This is great site especially coming up to Christmas as they don’t charge delivery.)  

Anyway back to fashion, Millie has quickly become a fashion, beauty and style icon since her days of starring in ‘Made In Chelsea’.

Her latest clothing collection gets my instant seal of approval, this starlet certainly knows a thing or two about killer outfits. 

Style (and makeup) inspiration from Millie; 



Now to shop the looks; 

Similar limited edition boots (tried these on yesterday, stunning) 


Pussy bow blouse 

Similar gilet 


Dress or can be worn as waistcoat – see below image
Love her Victoria Beckham flares.





Boots or similar here


Boots or similar here (I bought these last week and love)


Remember ladies, Asos and House of Fraser stock this collection too and they often give discounts! I’d rather the money in your pocket than theirs! 

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,




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