New York Fashion Week

Twice a year, in February’s snow covered chill and then again in September’s sunshine, New York’s streets overflow with models, buyers, celebrities and fashion editors alike. For both the spring/summer and the autumn/winter, New York Fashion Week promotes America’s fashion talent to the world, from big name designers to up – and – coming talents. 

And every year around this time, I wait with baited breath to see the latest images from NYFW. It’s my absolute favourite fashion event of the year! 

It doesn’t kick off until September 10th but already there have been some notable changes to the setup. There’s the revamped logo, Lexus sponsorship and no more Lincoln centre. 

Some top names I’ll be keeping my eye on this year are; DKNY, J Crew, Diane Von Furstenburg, Lauren Conrad and Alexander Wang. 

I will also be doing some serious style stalking, I can’t wait to see what my favourite celebs wear to sit frow side. 

Here are some of my favourite celebrity looks from previous fashion weeks. 

Also who could forget Kendall Jenner’s triumphant takeover at most collections catwalks last year? 



Of course some of the strongest looks came from not your standard models and street style stars but from some of our favourite bloggers. 

Are you excited to see the fashion from the Big Apple? 

Fashionably yours,




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