Daniel Wellington Watches 

‘A Daniel Wellington watch is stylish, elegant and can be worn by men and women, no matter what the occasion or the dress code’

I can’t believe when I started my blog, roughly nine weeks ago, I predicted in one of my first posts that these watches would be HUGE. It wasn’t such a hard one to call, they are amazing pieces.

Back then, it seemed to me that the only place stocking them were Asos. I love Asos but I also love trying some things, such as a watch on, especially when these beauties cost over €130 and up. 

Now I can happily report that Asos don’t have that exclusive tag of being the only stockists of Daniel Wellington anymore. Fields Jewellers, Keanes, Hartmanns Of Galway, Tower Jewellers Dublin and even Littlewoods Ireland to name a few are stocking them so it’s time to get shopping around ladies, ask for your discount and get the best price you can. 

High street Inspiration; 


With replaceable leather and NATO straps, they perfectly compliment your different outfits. So really it’s like paying for one watch initially and then buying a different strap and being able to achieve many different looks! 

What’s not to love? 

You can price them HERE: http://www.fields.ie/catalogsearch/result/?q=Daniel+Wellington+women+

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,



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