Getting to grips with blanket scarves

‘Always dress well but keep it simple’ 

So while I’m on the hunt for a lilac pashmina to match a wedding outfit I just bought on holidays, word on the street in Ireland is that summer has well and truly been postponed this year. 

Now it’s not all doom and gloom because I get to talk about possibly my favourite trend of last autumn and winter (let’s face it, it’s time to embrace autumn in Ireland) the blanket scarf. 
There are scarves and then there are blanket scarves. Blanket scarves are a giant version of a normal scarf and they are warm, cosy, comfortable and seriously versatile. I lived in mine that I got from Asos last year. They were only €20 each roughly so this fashion trend is accessible to everyone.  

Some street style inspo on how to style the blanket scarf! 

I love how this last girl has tucked her blanket scarf into her belt almost like a coatigan.

Time for me to share some high street and online picks. 

Buy this here

Buy this here

Of course I bought one, shop my favourite here


Shop this one here 

Shop the one here

Love the pom poms on this one, which you can shop here


And if you really want to treat yourself shop the grey Mulberry beauty which you will have forever here 

Have I tempted you to start picking your autumn/winter pieces yet?

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,



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