Flat and fabulous

‘If I ever let my head down, it will be just to admire my shoes’


Women were turned away from the Cannes red carpet this year for not wearing high heels, so wearing flat shoes has become something of a fashion rebellion. While extravagant heels often do catch our attention, with their sky high platforms and promise to make us all as tall as a Victoria’s Secret model, there is no denying the real ease of a sophisticated flat. These shoes were actually made for walking, and will leave you looking perfectly polished.

I was in Brown Thomas this morning and was nearly drooling at the Valentino Rockstud collection…..here’s my round up of the most fabulous flats around.

val 1

This is a quick cheat as there is a heel but I simply had to add them to this post. Shop them (or add them to your Christmas list) here

lace upslaces up 2

The top fashionistas and bloggers are wearing different variations of these lace ups of late.

You can shop them here and here


I just bought these ones here This always happens when I sit down to write a blog post.

kg kg 2

With it being August 1st, I said I would include these two more summery pairs. You can shop the black ones here and the nude ones here

12 13

Popular blogger Suzanne Jackson wore these classic espadrilles recently which you can shop here and a cheaper version of hers here


From left to right love heart ballet flats here and leather pointed flat shoes here


I adore these more quirky flats, shop here

cat tan

And last but not least from one of my all time favourite brands for shoes.

Shop Caterina here and shop tantrum here

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,



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