Wimbledon Winning


When it comes to Wimbledon, there’s a stylish new queen of court and it’s Andy Murray’s beautiful bride, Kim Sears. With impeccable taste, a go to winning formula and a swish of that glossy hair, Kim has stepped into the spotlight time and time again, always coming out on top.

Here’s how Kim achieves the perfect Wimbledon Wardrobe in six easy steps.

1) The statement bag, Mulberry’s Willow as touted by Kim through manys a tournament. Shop the bag in a different colour or a cheaper alternative bag.

2) Hobbs love in, Kim trusts this high street stalwart and so should we. I have picked out some dresses for you to look at, most of them reduced now.

hobb2hobbs 44

Blue polka dot Priya dress

Alma dress

Alternative dresses;

Mono floral printed dress

Statement floral midi dress

3) The perfect pair of wedges. Ms Sears knows how long a good game of tennis could go on, especially if her husband or Novak Djokovic has anything to do with it.

Shop the gold wedges 

Shop the brown wedges

4) Just stepped out of the salon hair. Kim’s perfect blow – dry has garnered Kim as many column inches as her husband and even has its own Twitter account, @KimSearsHair!

5) Cover ups. When all around her, celebrities were flashing far too much flesh for tournament traditionalists, Kim knew when to opt for a smart cover up, usually a denim jacket.

Shop the denim jacket here or here

6) That rock…..While most of us will just have to dream of a £200,000 engagement ring, Kim has the real deal on her finger and there is no better accessory for her to showcase.


And that’s it, Kim has played it well so far and I personally cannot wait to see what this fashionista brings courtside this Wimbledon Tournament.

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,



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