White Shirt Style

white 4white2whitewhite on jeans

Next to blue jeans and converse trainers, there’s nothing quite as ‘go to’ as the humble white shirt. It’s versatile, cool and it’s a piece that can be worn any day of the year. That said, there’s something about summer that makes the white shirt especially necessary. It can anchor statement pieces such as printed shorts, coloured jeans or simply convey a sense of casual with a pair of denim jeans and heels.

Shop the jeans or


Black skinny trousers

White shirt

Wrap front white top

Cheaper alternative scallop collar shirt

Caged lace up heels

Barely there sandals

Fancy some orange like Olivia’s heels

Happy shopping,

Fashionably yours,



2 thoughts on “White Shirt Style

  1. I’m looking for black trousers/jeans just like the ones in this picture. They’re wet look almost leather but not quite. These are sold out..do you know anywhere else I could get them? X


    1. Hey there Katie, I featured a reasonable enough priced pair in my Ted To Toe blogpost that I’m sure you’d love. That picture in the post you read was just Pinterest inspo. If the Ted Baker ones don’t suit, let me know and I’ll get on the hunt for you! Xx


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